New order for: Offshore Bank Account Opening

BANK ACCOUNT OPENING DISCLAIMER: Be aware that banks reserve the right to decide whether to open a specific company account. Startupr itself is neither responsible nor liable for any banks decision. Although customers may succeed in opening certain bank accounts within 15 working days, most of our clients normally enjoy company account opening within 15-20 working days once the banks receive full due diligence. In some cases, if a bank requires further information, or a local holiday occurs, there can be several days delay. If you hire Startupr services to assist you with the bank compliance, please be aware that we spend time on consulting and preparation for your particular case. As we are not responsible nor liable for any of the banks decisions, all fees paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances once the introduction is made. Startupr reserves the right of the final decision in case of any dispute. Please note again that all bank account opening and decisions are made solely by the banks, and Startupr does not take responsibility for the banks decisions.
Offshore Bank Account Opening

You can choose from the following banks (no need to travel): ABC Banking (Mauritius), Europacbank (Puerto Rico), Standard Chartered (Singapore), CIM Banque (Switzerland). Personal meeting is required: OCBC Singapore (meeting in Singapore), DBS Singapore (meeting in Singapore). For offshore bank account openings, there is no need to be physically present in the country (except specified above). Applications can be made through e-mail and / or registered mail. We make sure that the application is filled out correctly and will do a proper bank introduction as banks usually cooperate through their agents such as Future Perfect Global.

Total Price : USD 1335