Registered address

It is the address of the company in government records

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Registered address

A Registered address is the address of your company within the government records. Under the Company Ordinance and laws in Hong Kong, each company must have a registered address in Hong Kong. This location acts as the address for receiving the company mail from the government. This registered address must be a physical address, and can't be a PO Box.

This registered address, just like the name implies, is merely used for the registration of the company and not for the official business use. This registered address must be located in Hong Kong, so as to receive important mail from the Hong Kong government for the company. This will usually be at the equivalent location of the company secretary for the company.

This is separate from the address of the corporation, which acts as the official location of the corporation. This address is generally what outsiders see, and is employed for invoicing, agreements and getting in touch with forms. The registered address and address are often located at an equivalent address or different ones, but normally an address must be found out separately.

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