Annual general meeting

An annual general meeting is an annual meetup where directors discuss the important matters related to a company

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Annual general meeting

An annual general meeting is a yearly meeting where the directors or shareholders of a company meet and discuss the important matters or reports of the company. It's compulsory for every company to carry a minimum of one general meeting, which is additionally called the Annual General Meeting (AGM) annually as per the Companies Ordinance.

Though this is often not one among the corporate renewal filings, it's an obligation that has to be fulfilled on a yearly basis. The overall company matters would be discussed at the AGM, like the appointment of the company secretary, certified public accountant, and other important matters discussed.

The first AGM must be held a minimum of 18 months after incorporation and is additionally referred to as the minutes of the primary meeting. During this first meeting, the company would state the corporate directors, shareholders, company secretary and share capital. Other important matters can also be discussed and noted within the AGMs.The AGM of the company is often located anywhere and doesn't need to happen in Hong Kong.

If you would like assistance or have questions with regard to the Annual General Meeting, we can help to elucidate the method . we will assist within the filing of the AGM, and include this in our company renewal package.