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Deciding where to set up a business in Hong Kong is a matter of great importance. Finding a place with the best location and environment takes a lot of time. And the place of business you choose will tell a lot about your company.

Your place of business will also be called as the registered office of the company for mail forwarding from its location in downtown Hong Kong for business operations and mail forwarding.

Mail forwarding is a new way of handling the paper mails. We help you connect with the clients despite the place you are in, globally. We transfer the mails to you through our back-office system as soon as we get any mails from your clients.

Business Address

On the basis of a person’s preference, you can also mention your home address as the registered office address. These days a lot of people conduct their businesses from home, but managing the packages, storage and mails from home can be hectic, it gives your location to your clients and it also looks unprofessional on your behalf. Having a separate business address helps you eliminate risks, whilst allowing you to keep your mails organized.

Having a business address adds reliability to your business, giving satisfaction to your clients. If you keep our office address as your registered office address, then you will have a centrally located registered business address.

It gives confidence to your customers when they know that your office is located in the heart of Asia. You can also use this address in your visiting cards, business letters, website, contracts. Although, you cannot use this location for any lease agreement or proof of residence for bank account opening as you require a business address for it.

We help you to handle your mails and incorporate your business in Hong Kong with ease. You can choose us for your business address and for dealing with your mails.

Mail Forwarding Services

Mail forwarding a hassle-free process for segregating the mails used by many companies. All the mails for the company are received at its whether it be from the bank, business partners or any third parties, and these mails can be forwarded to you without any delay without worrying about the part of the world you are in.

This service is important for business travelers who cannot receive mails at their homes or do not have direct access to them. An option of scheduling your mail, daily, weekly or monthly is also available here. With this, you also have the option of giving the authority of sending the scanned mail or not. We will also notify you after we have sent you the mail.

Our company provides services for the person who wants their mails to be scheduled and have a timely check for them.

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Mail forwarding through our Backoffice System

Through our latest back-office system, we have upgraded the process of setting up mails.

As soon as we receive your mails, our system will send you a notification of the mail and the type of it. Therefore, there is no need to wait for days to read your mail. We are also open to postal services for reviving your packages, letters or documents.

Our system provides the information of how many documents are received in your name, mail history, and the credit left in your account. Once you receive the mails, you can either keep them or dispose them off as per your convenience. We also provide you to keep the physical copies on mails for 180 days before we dispose it off

You can choose our office address as your registered office and mail forwarding address. You can follow these steps to get a simply desired location for your business.

  • You can choose our address as your registered office address by filing a simple form on our website or through our online back office system from your account. We will then help you in dealing with your business address and mail forwarding.
  • Our team will notify you as soon as we receive your mail.
  • You can either schedule your mails or ask for scanned copies of them. We will forward you mails early, weekly or quarterly, depending on your choice.
  • You will receive a notification once we send you the mails.

Handling mails in Hong Kong has never been this easy. While you are focusing on your business, we will handle your mails. You have the option of choosing the way through which you would like to receive your mails. You can choose it from the below-mentioned options:

  • Standard post(no tracking information)
  • Hong Kong registered posts, or
  • DHL couriers

Once we receive your mails in the form of packages or couriers or documents, we will scan it and send you a pdf copy of the same via email. You can see the type of mail or the person who sent it before deciding to scan it or forward it to your address. You are not required to pay any mailing charges or wait on mailing time.

Our services are suited for the once who want to set up a business in Hong Kong but do not have a registered office. Such a person can choose the most suitable option from the below-listed options:

  • Mail Forwarding plan – $380 USD
  • Regular Mail – $25 USD
  • DHL courier fees – $95 USD
  • Scanning & e-mailing from $1 USD
  • You can segregate your mails in a pocket-friendly manner.

    We believe that every company should have a good location to built up its business and should have access to their mails. This is done through our expert team and superior software system to deliver fast and high-quality services to our clients at an affordable price.

    Conditions: Please note if you set up the company with Future Perfact Global, you are provided a registered address, but the Company’s Secretary’s registered address does not automatically thereby become your company’s “business address”. Unless you have specifically engaged us to forward your company mail (other than government communications as above), and proper paperwork is filed, the Future Perfact Global address may not be used as your business address.

    Disclaimer: Please note that we only provide about services to our existing client.