Commencement of business

It is the date when the company starts its business

Order – Filing of Notification of Commencement of Business

Commencement of business

The commencement of business is the date when the company starts conducting business. it's tough to plan out the precise day of commencement, however, normally it might be when a business undergoes business-related activities.

How do I know if I even have commenced business?

The commencement of business could also be different for various companies, but generally, it's an issue of fact; that's supported by some evidence or event which has occurred.

Some samples of the commencement of business may include:

  • Issuing or receiving of invoices for the corporation
  • Manufacturing of products for manufacturer company
  • Sale of products for the corporation
  • Receipt of funds for provided services
  • Purchase or transfer of assets in some cases
  • Start of business contracts for the corporation
  • Employment of staff or hiring of freelance workers.
  • Payment of salaries or remunerations
  • Payment of company expenses, like utilities or rent expenses
  • Purchase of monetary instruments for an investment trust

These events may cause the commencement of business for the corporation.

Once the corporation has commenced business, it might get to file a form to tell the Hong Kong government of the beginning of a business.

If you've got any questions or further clarification on this, be happy to contact us for further explanations. we will assist in filing the commencement of business form for the corporate to the government.