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If you are looking for the perfect opportunity in Hong Kong to excel in your career, Future Perfact Global would be your best bet.

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Hong Kong is a vibrant, exciting city- a stark contrast between the Western and Asian cultures, yet both cultures make this place a dynamic city. In fact, this city is also known as a place where “East meets West,” reflecting the mixture of the local culture’s Chinese roots with influences from its time managed by the British. So, if you want to make a mark as an entrepreneur or you are looking for the perfect opportunity in Hong Kong to excel in your career, Future Perfact Global would be your best bet.

We have been working in this vibrant city since 2002, as one of the leading and trusted 100% online company formation agents. Over the past few years till now, our expert team members have assisted a plethora of business owners in making their dream a reality by converting their ideas to corporate entities. We aim to deliver high-quality services to our clients through our efficient, unique system and thus, we ensure that all our processes are done efficiently and promptly.

We are also pleased to announce that our expert team members are working in various sectors such as Hong Kong company formation, compliance services, virtual office, bookkeeping and accounting services, business address and mail-forwarding services for our clients. We also offer services such as corporate company secretary services so that business owners can operate their businesses legally in the freest economy of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Company Formation Services Hong Kong

As a matter of fact, everyone wants to upgrade their business or want to growth in their lives; similarly, we also aim at scaling our business in new locations of the world. By virtue of this, Future Perfact Global has acquired IncParadise which is a US-based business incorporation. We currently own offices in Wyoming, and Nevada which are considered the western states in the US. More importantly, we have just opened a new company called Eqvista to cater for company shares management services and company valuation.

There is no denying of the fact that employees are an important part of a company while growing the business. And our team is made up of almost 30 employees who are working in several departments such as IT and marketing, administration, and accounting. Every employee strives to plays their unique role while providing the optimal services to our clients which is key to the success of our business.

If you are looking to work in an open and innovative environment with a plethora of excellent opportunities, then you must be happy to know that Future Perfact Global is hiring dedicated, determined, multi-tasking, detailed-focused employees. We are pleased to announce that we are hiring for –

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Company secretary Research
  • and online marketing
Accounting And Bookkeeping Team

If you are good at accounting and finance, then this is good news and a great opportunity for you. Future Perfact Global is hiring people for their accounting team. Our accounting team is one of the best teams in our organization that helps in solving the business accounting issues, tax problems, and annual filing of our company’s finances. In fact, they work very closely with the clients in order to help them manage their bookkeeping and accounting, file their tax returns, and update all their annual filings.

Company Secretary

The second vacancy is for a company secretary. If you qualify for this position, bring your passion, and your aspiration to Future Perfact Global and we will show you diverse career growth opportunities especially in the secretarial career. Our company secretaries have several experiences in the field of secretarial services and company formation.

To be more precise, they are all well experienced and have a vast knowledge of corporate laws and regulations to grow the business and be in good standing with the government. Thus, eventually we can provide a full range of specialized corporate secretarial services to our clients.

IT & Marketing

Our next vacancy in Future Perfact Global is for research and online marketing. We are looking for a great team of talented and creative IT, marketing and web development experts. Individuals who are well versed in research and who can make our online back office system and websites the optimal in the business industry.

In fact, our business development and marketing team are always focused on getting our business name out to the right person at the right time so that we can be a step ahead of our competitors.

Future Perfact Global, thus welcomes and attracts highly-motivated, and talented people from a wide range of disciplines to develop their long-term career with the company.

Our Mission & Vision

After understanding the history of our company, you must be thinking about our objective. For example, on what factors we are focusing? Well, our objective is to assist business owners or entrepreneurs to make the process of their business more straightforward.

In order to reach that goal, we have built one of the most efficient technologies and convenient online systems for entrepreneurs that would not only help in registering their Hong Kong companies faster, but will also support business people in maintaining their businesses more comfortably.

To be more precise, our reliable, and unique same day online system is specially designed for swift incorporation. Thus, if you want to incorporate your business as soon as possible and without any legal system problems, then Future Perfact Global would be your best choice.

When you submit your application to us, our system will review and edit all the entered information on the same day of your submission. We will then send this data to the Hong Kong Registry to further submit to the Hong Kong government. More importantly, we are always looking to do the right things at the right time, so we are continually upgrading our back office system through research in order to sustain our position in the competitive Hong Kong market. With the help of our developed Back office system that will let business owners manage and control the details and online filings of their business we are able to achieve this feat.

Thus, you must be thinking about the reason for our Back office system, and why we are focusing on this aspect? Well, our aim to upgrade our back office system is to streamline the processes between us, as company secretary for business owners and the business owners themselves. Below are some of the significant features of our new back office system.

  • Creates 409a Valuation reports
  • Issues electronic shares to founders, investors, and employees.
  • Registers your new company – Everything online.
  • Provides professional customer support and assistance.
  • Manages your Cap Table effectively with real-time updates and analysis.
  • Analyzes your current business financial models and makes the plan for future rounds.
  • Provides easy share access for others to view on the platform or download to view offline.
  • Ensures that all your business data is 100% secured.