Business registration certificate

It is a document stating the particulars of the company

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Business registration certificate

The Business Registration Certificate (BRC) may be a document which states the particulars of a corporation, and perhaps a requirement for conducting business for a Hong Kong company. This document shows that the company is valid and registered within the Inland Revenue Department.

This certificate is generally valid for 1 year. A Business registration certificate may be a requirement for each Hong Kong company and must be renewed annually for the company. Once the business registration fees are paid, a newly issued BRC will become the valid business registration for the company.

The Business Registration Certificate would show certain details of the corporation as in:

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Nature of Business
  • Company Type
  • Date of Commencement
  • Date of Expiry
  • Certificate Number

The Business Registration Certificate is going to be issued about 1 month before the anniversary date. the corporation would wish to pay and renew the BRC during a timely fashion, a minimum of up to 1 month after the anniversary date. Otherwise, there could also be additional fines for the late renewals of the corporate BRC.

We provide company renewal services, which holds the document filings of the Annual Return and Business Registration Certificate. If your company has missed the filing of the Business Registration Certificate, we can help to drive your company back on target and file the required documents. be happy to contact us to renew your company.