Company secretary

It is a professional agency required to meet the legal compliances

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Company secretary

“Company Secretary” in this regard refers to a company secretary and not a clerical or personal secretary for the corporation. it's a knowledgeable agency liable for the compliance and statutory requirement of the corporation. they're going to be ready to represent the corporation for state filings and requirements within the compliance permanently standing of the corporation.

According to the Laws of Hong Kong, each company must hire a company secretary who must reside in Hong Kong . However this company secretary can't be a director or shareholder of a corporation , and must be a 3rd party. Of all the duties, the company secretary has to make sure that the corporation is in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and must maintain the statutory documents of the corporation.

The statutory requirements of the company secretary include the incorporation of the corporation, filings of company documents, issuing of shares, papers to the government.

Legal duties of a Company Secretary are generally as follows:

  • Incorporation of Hong Kong companies.
  • Provision of a Hong Kong resident company secretary as needed by Hongkong company law.
  • Provision of a registered office address for receipt of state mail.
  • Preparation and filing of the Annual Return.
  • Attending the issuance and transfer of shares.
  • Attending the appointment and resignation of directors.
  • Attending the deregistration of companies.
  • Attending other statutory corporation compliance issues.

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