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Our back-office system

Ever dream of managing all the operations of your business in one place? need a convenient online software to efficiently start a corporation in Hong Kong? Then our Backoffice system is the perfect option for you!

Setting up and managing a corporation during a new environment is often quite a cumbersome task. Not only does one get to do all the important company filing, but you would like to form sure the knowledge details are correct and filed on time.

To ensure you stay updated with all the principles and regulations of Hong Kong, you would like to rent a knowledgeable company secretary, like us. We will assist you not only in registering your business but also managing all the business activities.

We have years of experience in fixing business in Hong Kong. we've clients from everywhere on the planet from industries of varied sizes and backgrounds including the services industry, consulting services, IT sectors, and lots of other services. We attempt to prepare and manage each of the company’s filings to suit the requirements of our clients.

Our separate online Backoffice system helps you retain track of your company’s details and required annual filings, beat one place.