It is the address used by the company for official matters

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Virtual office

An address also referred to as virtual address, is that the address a corporation uses for business matters. In Hong Kong, this is often different from the registered address. A registered address is merely the address the corporation uses for official government use to receive government mail.

This address is employed for the company’s official use, like for invoices, business contracts, agreements, and other matters. This address doesn't need to be where the business operates but would act as the location of the corporation.

This is useful for little companies, who mainly do business operations from home, but use another location as their address for privacy issues and to scale back any potential risks. This location would be seen as more professional, as possibly located downtown during a city, instead of a residential address. This will even be especially useful for mail forwarding, as documents are often sent to the address, and accessed even when the owner is traveling and far away from home.

In case you would like an address or mail forwarding services for your company, we can provide an office address located in downtown Hong Kong. Contact us for more information about our address and mail forwarding services.

Order – Mail Forwarding

Conditions: Please note if you set up the company with Future Perfact Global, you are provided a registered address, but the Company’s Secretary’s registered address does not automatically thereby become your company’s “business address”. Unless you have specifically engaged us to forward your company mail (other than government communications as above), and proper paperwork is filed, the Future Perfact Global address may not be used as your business address.