Certified copies

There are certified copies by a qualified person for official use.

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Certified copies

Certified Copies are copies of a document that are certified by a professional party for official use, like government proceedings or checking account openings. The aim of this is often for a 3rd party to verify the copies of a politician document, so as to verify there have been no amendments or alterations of the document.

These are normally accepted in Hong Kong for official use. For official documents for the company for International use outside of Hong Kong , then an apostille document would be required. The documents are often certified by a Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Hongkong Solicitor or notary.

The certified copies will bear the date and signature of the certifying party, also stating that this is often the certified true copy of the document. Normally these certified copies would be valid from 3 to six months after the required date of certification, so it's often requested round the time of use for these documents, and not beforehand.

If your company requires certified copies of documents, we can provide these services for you. We will provide a separate certified copy of your documents, and also offer full packages of certified and apostilled documents together with your company incorporation.