Immigration services and relocation

Our company being a Hong Kong immigration specialist, allows entrepreneurs to set up their company in new regions giving wings to their ideas.

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Immigration services and relocation

Hong Kong has become an international financial sector due to its extremely flexible employment policy for highly skilled professionals. It is also famous for incorporating various things for encouraging immigration by entrepreneurs, investors, and other talented people. Despite the benefits, it can prove to be quite challenging to go through all the immigration processes in a new region.

If you wish to derive the benefits of setting up a business in Hong Kong by applying for a working visa, then you need to make sure that you are meeting the requirements of the standard immigration policies and the relevant visa eligibility criteria.

Our company deals with Hong Kong specialist business and entrepreneurs for starting a new life in new regions for focusing on the commercial strength and assisting them in getting their employees in the right place.

We give personal attention to every application that helps us differentiate from other service providers in Asia. We don’t like to just go through the documents, we prefer carefully reading them and take time to review each case beforehand for guiding you appropriately through the application process.

We offer services to clients and their families for visas or permits, who live on the outskirts of Hong Kong. With several years of experience in dealing with local immigration authorities, we offer the best solution to make the process smooth. Our company provides the following services:

  • General employment working visa
  • Application for an accompanying dependant- entry under GEP
  • Application for an extension of stay
  • Application for a permanent address

All of these processes are discussed below.

This visa is for the applicants who possess special skills, knowledge, experience, value and are willing to either stay or enter in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

It is for the entrepreneurs wanting to set up their business through a working visa in Hong Kong. Our company will help the business owners who want to carry on business in Hong Kong, for applying for the working visa.

For getting permits and visas under General Employment Policy, you are required to pass eligibility criteria as follows:

  • The applicant should have a good educational background with a first-class degree in the relevant study. In special cases, you also require good technical qualifications, relevant experience, and achievements supported by documentary evidence.
  • The applicant is required to have a crime-free record.
  • The package for remuneration includes accommodation, medical, income, and other fringe benefits that should be equal to the current market level for professionals in HKSAR.
  • The applicant is required to have a valid employment offer for a position, relevant to his qualifications, and experiences. And the most important stand that the offer letter should be genuine, and the local force should not fill in.

If any help is required for applying for a working visa in order to start a business under the GEP scheme, our company can assist you in handling all the compulsory procedures of the permits. Our experienced team members would assist you in following all the steps right from order to final delivery of the services for you.

The next type of visa and permits is of an accompanying dependent application under the GEP scheme. The visa for the dependent and the general employment can be filed simultaneously. The applicants are not required to wait for the application until the person has decided to apply after the GEP visa is granted. The primary applicant’s dependent can also accompany the applicant before they have passed the following criteria.

The expedited incorporation service is another additional service that our company offers clients who wish to form their company much faster than the normal incorporation. You have to pay for their services separately if you wish to form your company within 24 hours. You can choose this option when you are incorporating your company.

  • The dependent should hold proof of having a genuine relationship with the primary applicant and of the dependent prior to applying under GEP. The document such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.
  • There should be no harmful effects of immigrating.
  • The applicant of the primary can support the dependent at a standard that is moderately above the subsistence level, and also provides accommodation for them.

Our company can provide you with specialized assistance for preparing the relevant documents for your visa.

As you are a work permit holder, if you have to stay longer in the global hub, then you are required to apply for the renewal of your visa by filing an application four weeks prior to the day of the expiration of the stay.
However, applicants are required to meet the eligibility criteria of the work permit before filing the application for renewal.

Another set is of people who wish to apply for permanent residence visas’ and stay in Hong indefinitely.

If you have been living in Hong Kong for a period of 7 years and have been granted a visa for work for the time being, then he can apply for a permanent license after the expiry of the period of 7 days. Our company will give you all the support whenever required. For the purpose of the application of visa, we provide the services to the companies incorporated in Hong Kong with at least one year’s audited financial services.

For getting the visa permit you are usually required to wait for 4 to 6 weeks in the process of accepting and granting the permit applications for the employment upon the receipt of all the essential documents. However, this period will not be counted when immigration asks for more documents from the applicants.

Till the time the immigration department gets all the required documents and the important information they are looking for, they can't start the process of the applicant’s form.

Fee structure:

  • Base Fee: USD 1880 (Which includes 12 hours of admin support and handling mails from the immigration department. )
  • For Visa Application, fees will be USD 30 (HKD 230 Government Fees)


Hong Kong is one of the most desirable places to incorporate a company due to its trade policies, low tax regime, free market, and free business environment. Its location is prime in Asia, and close proximity to the China market opens the possibilities for companies. The restrictions are relatively lower when it comes to global investments, and that is the reason which makes it an investor-friendly business city.

Hong Kong has become a hub for big names like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, PepsiCo, and Starbucks. The main reason behind the increasing trend is the following benefits obtained from the freest economy of the world:

  • Reduced tax burden
  • Better shelter for the business
  • Reduces the risk of business
  • Saves money and time
  • Fair and transparent legal system
  • Strategic location

If you want to embark on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, make sure that you have an appropriate business structure.


Note: If the time of your work exceeds 10 hours, an additional hourly fee will be charged from you.
Moreover, it is necessary to confirm that you are not a resident of the below-mentioned countries as they have a restriction for the application.

Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu, Yemen, Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Ghana, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia

  • For visa application purposes, we provide services to Hong Kong incorporated companies with at least one year of audited financial statements.
  • The Immigration Department will not be able to start processing the application unless all the required documents and information have been received. All applications are processed and determined by the Immigration Department. Approval of applications is entirely discretionary and is subject to changes in government policies, even if the application meets all eligibility criteria, the Director of Immigration reserves absolute discretion to refuse any application.
  • It is an offense to make false statements or representations to an immigration officer. In order to verify the authenticity of the information and documents submitted with a visa application, field visits may be conducted.
  • And if you try to make false statements or representations to an immigration officer in order to get visas or permits to stay or work in Hong Kong, then you need to suffer its negative consequences. They will be proved to be guilty under Hong Kong’s laws and any such entry/visa permit issued or permission to enter in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region granted shall not affect.
  • The submitted documents need to be in both languages: English and Chinese. Where a document is not in Chinese or English, it must be accompanied by a Chinese or English translation certified as a true translation by a sworn translator, court translator, authorized public translator, certified translator, expert translator or official translator.
  • The Immigration Department will not be able to start processing the application unless all the required documents and information have been received. All applications are processed and determined by the Immigration Department. Approval of applications is entirely discretionary and is subject to changes in government policies. The Director of Immigration reserves absolute discretion to refuse any application no matter, the application meets all eligibility criteria.

Be aware that the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong government (“Immigration”) reserves the right to decide the success of the application. Future Perfact Global itself is neither responsible nor liable for any Immigration’s decision.

Although customers may succeed in getting the working visa within 4 working weeks, most of our clients will take at least 4-6 working weeks. In some cases, if Immigration requires further information, or a local holiday occurs, there can be several days’ delay.

If you hire Future Perfact Global services to assist you with the application, please be aware that we spend time on consulting and preparation for your particular case. Future Perfact Global might charge an additional fee for further follow up in case Immigration requires further information.

As we are not responsible nor liable for any of the Immigration’s decisions, all fees paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances once the payment is made to Future Perfact Global. Please note again that all applications and decisions are made solely by the Immigration, and Future Perfact Global does not take responsibility for the Immigration’s decisions.

In the event of any dispute, the decision of Future Perfact Global shall be final and conclusive.