How do we set up companies in Hong Kong?

Register your company through us with some simple steps.

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How do we set up companies in Hong Kong?

Businesses of all sizes are going global. The web and globalization have given businesses a unique opportunity to intensify to the plate and open themselves up to customers from all corners of the world. With the help of Future Perfact Global, begin a corporation overseas to expand your reach!

Our company gives you the liberty to create your business in Hong Kong while we take over the executive maze. Instead of getting frustrated with operating a posh foreign process, with its unexpected delays, you'll be liberal to consider running your company and making it grow. Rather than worrying about the unpredictable differences in international vs. local business cultures, you'll have the pride of handling western minded, English-speaking staff on an equivalent page as yourself.

With our company, you'll be assured that every communication is efficient, clear, and trustworthy; just like our client testimonials verify this. In today’s world, confidentiality is our main priority. We ensure to safeguard your information, especially when operating overseas. We keep your data strictly confidential. We never share your business ideas and ideas with anyone.

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Hong Kong Company Formation Services Hong Kong

Our company has a single Backoffice. It's special software that not only corrects any errors which will occur as you fill out our business application but automatically fills in your information on the remaining documents. We also provide automatic reminders of important annual filings, in order that you do not miss any important filings to the government. We also upload your documents to your Hong Kong Government Company Registry account.

  • It is 100% online.
  • It is reliable and quick.
  • E-documents like NC1 – Shares Certificate, M&A, Certificate of Incorporation, Business Certificate gets ready fast.

Also, we send you a reminder to organize the document before your annual company return is due. Knowing that Future Perfact Global will remind you well before time allows you to specialize in your business.

Click on the blue button that says “Register Company NOW”, then simply follow the instructions and choose what you would like for your company.

You may find it convenient to easily register using our address, or allow us to handle the fundamentals of establishing your company.

Also, you'll choose the entire package for company formation as many of our clients plan to do. With the entire package, you'll simply use our company address, get our company secretary (nominal), annual return, documents certified by the HK government, plus assistance in checking account opening.

With our company, you'll personalize your plans. Whether you have already got your own address, have someone who can act as your nominal company secretary or maybe if you recognize the way to file an annual HK return yourself, you're liberal to choose whatever you would like. Just tell us your requirements, and an idea is going to be made consistent with your needs.

Once your form is completed and payment settled, our unique Backoffice translates your data into the HTML code required by the HK Company Registry, and your company is quickly incorporated. Future Perfact Global’s process is entirely online, requiring little or no of some time. Our prices are low because our system is fast and more efficient than others.

With our company, complete your Company Incorporation in Hong Kong in only 3 or 4 steps:

Additionally, general commuting within Hong Kong is concluded to be the simplest within the world by Forbes Magazine as taxis are affordable and conveyance is well developed.

Future Perfact Global is TCSP Licensee No. TC003638 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry.

  • You can fill our name Check form. Insert the company name you would like to register or reserve, and you'll receive an email immediately whether the intended name is liberal to use or not.     
  • Download and complete the form and send it back to us. Or use your Back Office system to finish your order online..                                  
  • Our  Backoffice will gather all of your information for submission to HK Companies Registry through our access point.                                 
  • After receiving your application, our exclusive Backoffice checks to make sure your completed forms are correct. If not, we allow you to know directly.                    
  • You then process the payment and that we will start the incorporation                            
  • We submit your application through our Back Office through our portal to the Company Registry (CR) (The office of the Hong Kong SAR) for processing in but 2 hours. Our access to Companies Registry is around the clock.                                  
  • You receive emailed notification from the CR that your company has been incorporated.                              
  • We send documents for your signature. You then send these documents back to us.                               

Once your business is registered and incorporated, you'll need all the documents for your bank account application. The bank you chose will advise you if the other documents are required. Banks in Hong Kong usually need a minimum deposit. This amount can vary between different banks. Banks may request you to point out your identity and proof of residence of all the directors or the shareholders before opening an account in their banks.

We can assist you in fixing a gathering with the business account manager to open a bank account. There's an opportunity that you are not going to visit to open your company bank account. In these cases, please contact us for more details.

These are the yearly requirements for Hong Kong registration:

  • Annual return: It includes the list of directors & officers. It must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of the primary registration date, alongside a fee of $25.
  • IRD (Inland Revenue Department) tax filing for recently incorporated companies comes due 18 months after the incorporation date. Then, the corporation will have to file annual audit reports and tax filings to the IRD.
  • An AGM (Annual General Meeting) must be held at a time and place the administrators announce within 18 months of incorporation.

To access our expedited services, you would like to send your order and payment of those expedited services to us before 10 A.M. (Hong Kong Time / +8 Greenwich Mean Time). After receiving your order, we process the incorporation within the same day. Our unique Backoffice submits your application to the Hong Kong government Companies Registry (CR) office as it enjoys round-the-clock access to them. After analyzing all the certificates via our online submission, the CR office takes only a couple of hours to issue your company’s document electronically. After a while, both you and our company can receive e-documents of your Business Certificate and Incorporation Certificate, including your new company number. Right then, you’re in business and may begin using your firm.

Also, if you're willing to open a replacement Hong Kong business bank account, we order the certified copies of those and the other additional documents like NC1 Form (shares certificate), Memorandum and Articles of Association. Once these documents come from the Company Registry (CR), we email them to you initially. If you would like them immediately, you'll choose our expedited courier service. We don't make any guarantees as there could also be delays from the government Company Registry’s (CR) postal and delivery services.

Our company is confident that you simply won't find the other company in Hong Kong who offers faster, less expensive, or more reliable company formation services.

Are you worried about how you will register your company if you're not a resident of Hong Kong? The great news for you is that you don't have to be a Hong Kong resident.

All you're expected to try to do is to easily complete our company’s form and return it to us by e-mail. you'll also use our Back Office system to include your company all online.

Our official particulars are easy to see on the Hong Kong Company Registry website. you'll find us at TCSP Licensee No. TC003638 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry.

Future Perfact Global is TCSP Licensee No. TC003638 of Registry for Trust and Company Service Providers, Companies Registry

  • Transparent Pricing: All our prices are clear and accurate. Every detail about the pricing is mentioned clearly. Thanks to our efficient system, our rates are lower in comparison to other companies providing equivalent services. There are not any hidden fees throughout the method.
  • 100% Online: Our efficient online system ensures that the procedure is fast and prompt. the data entered is checked on an equivalent day. Then, our system sends your data automatically to the Hong Kong Registry Forms and is submitted to the government portal.
  • Creative and versatile Approach: Our approach towards company registration in Hong Kong is creative and versatile . We assist you just in case of any unexpected difficulties. we will affect any quite challenges along the way. Also, we easily adapt to any changing situation.
  • Proven Honesty & Reliability: Our team members are consistent, reliable and honest. you'll depend upon us for your company to find out requirements in Hong Kong.
  • Unwavering specializes in Client Satisfaction: Our motive is to form all the efforts to form our clients satisfied in altogether aspects. We leave of our thanks to providing our clients with the simplest service. We take our client’s feedback into action.

All of those qualities make a difference to entrepreneurs launching and growing successful companies.