Change in the name of the company

You can choose a unique name to start your company in Hong Kong.


Every company must have a different and right name so as to commence a business in Hong Kong. With our company’s assistance, and the Hong Kong name search option, business owners can easily check the name that they need to register. And if any businessmen want to vary the corporate name in Hong Kong after registering their business, we can help you.

By using The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry information system (ICRIS) which is provided by the Hong Kong Company Registry (CR), we can check the supply of the names so as to avoid any chaos, however, the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong would not accept the name which is the same as the name appearing within the index of company names.

A company also can change its name even after the incorporation process in Hong Kong. A corporation has got to fill the special resolution to vary the name of the corporation as per section 107(2) of the Companies Ordinance.

After passing the Special Resolution within the 15 days, a “Notice of Change of Company Name” (Form NNC2) must be delivered to the Registrar of Companies with the specified fees. The new name of the corporation will come in effect on the date of receiving of the ‘Certificate of Change of Name’. At an equivalent time, an updated Business Registration Certificate (BRC) with the new name is going to be issued by the Inland Revenue Department and sent to the business registration address.

Our company will help the business owners to vary their name even after the incorporation process. we'll make sure that the name of the corporate doesn’t resemble or infringe existing ones. We will also allow you to start your business together with your desired business company.