CPA Certified Documents for Hong Kong Company

A certified true copies are required for different business purposes.

CPA Certified Document – one set of CPA CPA Certified Document – each document

CPA Certified Documents for Hong Kong Company

Certified copies are copies of the documents which are certified by a professional party for official use. These documents are used for third parties to verify the copies of official documents weren't with any amendment or alteration. With the assistance of our company, business owners can have CPA certified documents in Hong Kong for your smooth company incorporation.

A certified true copy or certification of company documents could also be required for various business purposes. These documents usually include business registration, ID documents, etc. , could also be required for various business purposes.

Basically, it's a true copy of a document by a professional so as to be accepted by certain institutions like banks and government bodies.

A format of certified true copy is restricted because it may be a true copy of the first document. This certified copy will include the date and signature of the certifying party, which clearly indicates the position also as notified the number of pages of the copies, which usually utilized in official purposes.

In Hong Kong, CPA Certified documents are valid from 3 to six months after the required date of certification. it's advisable to use these certified documents within this time period, but not after the expiry date of certified documents.

When you want to open a company checking account in any Hong Kong banks, then you would like to urge this. The company banks of Hong Kong invite truth certified copies of the documents.

Usually, the banks require documents as follows, and their copies must be certified:

  • Company documents: Certificate of Incorporation (CI), Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
  • Proof of business documents: sales contracts, bank statements
  • Company’s member documents: ID cards, passports, and residential address proof

If your company needs CPA certified documents in Hong Kong, our company can provide these services to you. We issue the certified true copy of your company documents by a Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant (HKCPA). The aim is to help you while opening the checking account as per your business needs.

So, simply click the order button and provide the relevant details of the documents that require to be certified by our CPA. Once your order gets confirmed, our team will revisit you to offer further info about the method.

One set of the corporate Documents certified by CPA (Certified Public Accountant) (NNC1/NAR1, BRC, AA, CI) – $ 125 USD
Certified copy of 1 document by CPA – $ 75 USD per document