Good standing of companies in Hong Kong

The Company Registry in Hong Kong authorizes a good standing certificate for companies.

Order – Certificate of Good Standing

Good standing of companies in Hong Kong

Are you thinking of getting a Certificate of excellent Standing for your Hong Kong company? it's also referred to as the Certificate of Continuing Registration in Hong Kong. Basically, this certificate is issued by the Companies Registry. It will act as legal proof of the continuous registration of a Hong Kong company.

A Certificate of continuing Registration in Hong Kong may be a certificate that is granted and authorized by the Companies Registry. This CCR document helps to certify the name of the corporate, within the continuing registration with the Company Registry with no bad standing.

The organization is often a local Ltd. company or a registered non-Hong Kong company that is incorporated or registered in Hong Kong under the businesses Ordinance, it should remain registered within the Companies Registry as per the difficulty date of CCR.

It is to be noted that the Certificate of continuous registration in Hong Kong isn't a replacement of the Certificate of Incorporation, also can't be replaced by the Certificate of Registration of Non-Hong Kong Company which is issued to a corporation under the businesses Ordinance, although this document basically includes the present name and therefore the date of incorporation or registration of the company.

It is a formal document depicting the continuing registration of a corporation with the Companies Registry. Local and overseas authorities or institutions widely accept a CCR as proof of continuous registration of a corporation.

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Certificate of Good Standing (Certificate of Continuing Registration) $ 280 USD
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